Plays like a past generation title on a current generation console

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Namco, Wii U, 2013.

To be blunt,

I saw this game the other day in the bargain bin at Gamestop for 13$. I decided to get this purely on a whim and since l’ve always been a Tekken fan and remembered the original Tag Tournament fondly, it seemed like an obvious choice. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is an anomaly for the Wii U in that it was released early enough in it’s life cycle that it was competing with previous generation consoles (Xbox 360, PS3. A few years later, it’s interesting to look back on it.

It’s hard to put my finger on the why but it certainly feels like a past generation fighter. I suppose part of it is because it was designed for previous generation systems and the Wii U happened to be out simultaneously. It works, but it feels like you’re playing an older game and not something that belongs on the Wii U. It feels a little retro even.

After all, it did come out four years ago in 2012 which probably has a lot to do with it. Its interesting to note that during this short period the then-new Nintendo arrival, the Wii U, was competing against the PS3 and Xbox 360, not the PS4 and Xbox One. It was designed for consoles at the end of their lifespan and the Wii U happened to be, you know, there.

As far as modes go, story mode disappoints and doesn’t offer much. Arcade is slightly better and puts your endurance and skills to the test in a challenging manner. Online is a bust as there is seldom ever anyone available to play with, although l can see great potential in online matches.

The best part about the game has to be the Nintendo costumes -exclusive to the Wii U version, of course- that can be applied to the characters . It’s as much fun picking the costumes as it is fighting in ridiculous Toad or Mario outfits. It’s distracting against friends and usually generates plenty of laugher.The Xbox 360 and PS3 certainly didn’t have that! I love the large roster and multiples arenas, it makes for longer replayability.

“You can’t help but notice how it obviously is a past-gen title on a current generation console, a feeling that proves hard to shake off.”

It’s a fun game especially when it comes to multiplayer. It’s not perfect, the controls are not 100% responsive at times, and the game seems a little out of place on a console like the Wii U. The story mode is nothing exceptional and the game itself is not incredible.Yet when playing with friends it strangely works. On game nights the guys are always asking for a few rounds of this.

Being a fighting game, Tag Tournament 2 plays better on the pro controller than on the gamepad. It plays more effectively and fluidly with a classic-style controller, it just feels more natural. The Wii U’s gamepad feels a little big and awkward for a fighting game such as Tekken.

The Wii U doesn’t have a large variety of fighters outside of Super Smash Bros. Tekken doesn’t quite compare or fill the void, but it features the beloved characters of the franchise in their traditional setting.It’s an entertaining enough game that’s good for a spin every once in a while. It’s not a game that l find myself playing often but it’s a fun fighter on a console that could use more of this type of game.

Tekken on the Wii U is always good for a laugh, fun, and decent enough entertainment. However the story mode is sorely lacking and it’s hard to shake off the fact that the game feels a little out of place on the Wii U. You can’t help but notice how it obviously is a past-gen title on a current generation console, a feeling that proves hard to shake off.  6/10 stars.


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