Worthwile re-release of a unique gaming experience

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Pikmin 3, Nintendo, 2013. (Nintendo selects re-release 2016)


I’m not a massive Pikmin fan.

I played the original for Gamecube upon it’s release, but haven’t played another Pikmin title since. It’s been over 12 years since I played the game.  I was much younger back then, but it left a lasting impression on me. I acquired a Wii U last year and kept reading and hearing about Pikmin 3 for quite some time on Top/best Wii U games lists and decided to revisit the franchise. One problem, the game was incredibly hard to find -and of course, Ebay sellers want their money- so I passed.

With these new “Nintendo Selects” titles dropping in March (including Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Breeze, NES Remix Pack all for Wii U, along with select titles for the Wii and 3DS) , I can now find an affordable copy of Pikmin 3 -Thanks Nintendo!- and the opportunity to see just what I’ve been missing out. Pikmin 3 is a worthwhile re-release for Nintendo if just for the reason that the game has been out of print and sells for outrageous prices on Ebay. Nintendo selects offers good games at a great price and Pikmin and Captain Olimar were at the top of my list.

The premise of the game is just like the first two entries. You play as 3 different aliens from famished planet Koppai looking for nourishment resources for your species. Your ship lands on an undiscovered planet where you met strange creatures known as Pikmin. These cute, colourful beings take a liking to you and will help you by solve puzzles and fighting.

There are different coloured Pikmin with different abilities. For instance, red Pikmin are stronger in combat, the blue kind can walk on water, and the yellow type are good against electricity. Like it’s predecessor Pikmin 2, 3 adds more types of Pikmin with different powers. This time we get rock and flying Pikmin who add a new dimension to the game.

Did I say the game was unique? The environments, the feel of the game, it’s characters and visuals are unlike any other game I’ve played previously. It’s a unique concept where you solve puzzle, and a very entertaining one at that. If you’ve played a Pikmin game before it will instantly feel familiar, like an old friend you haven’t seen in a long time comes by to visit.

The HD visuals are nothing short of incredible. Pikmin always had interesting visuals, but the experience Pikmin 3 provides is a feast for the eyes. I will say that l do miss playing as Captain Olimar from the first two games, but that’s as far as my criticism goes.

To be fair, it’s not all that different from the original Pikmin, but it plays very differently. The Wii U’s gamepad and is used beautifully all throughout to provide fluid controls. There’s hardly button wasted or unused on the controller. The game makes you tap the screen, use the stylus, use the L, R, ZL, ZR buttons and joystick. For that reason alone it deserves credit.

What’s interesting is characters in the game have devices similar to the Wii U’s gamepad called KopPad that is used to take pictures, view menus and maps. The game also allows the played to use a number of options for play: the gamepad, pro controller or the Wiimote plus /nunchuk combination.

Why is Pikmin 3 a worthwhile game? Because there’s been nothing quite like it since it came out and it fills the void for a certain type of games on the Wii U. To be fair I was a little too young when I played the original, and although it looked like no other game I have seen since, there was no way l couldn’t truly enjoy it. I might just revisit the first two games in the franchise as a result of my experience. 5/5*


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