Worthy companion piece to Pokken Tournament

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The Pokken Tournament Pro Pad in all it’s glory.

When it comes to playing Pokken Tournament, this is the controller I like best. I’ve played with the Gamepad and pro-controller as well, but the Pro Pad is the clear winner. It’s vintage arcade-style made for arcade games and in that sense, I’m not blown away but it works quite well.

The D-Pad leans in deep and nicely. The buttons are big, thick and highly responsive. I like the big L and R buttons on top of the controller however it’s taking some getting used to the LZ and RZ being on the front. It has a very simple design which works to it’s advantage overall.

As far as the feel, it’s light, comfortable and a nice size. A little bigger than l expected but a good size nonetheless, it feels sleek for an arcade controller.

In my opinion, because of the materials, it feels more like a Playstation controller than anything Nintendo-related. It’s not a bad thing, just observation.

The cord is not all that long. My TV is fairly close to my couch but because my Wii U console is on a higher standings surface, I have to bring it to the ground. Otherwise the wire dangles in front of the TV which is inconvenient.

If you’re buying you should know what you’re getting. It’s an effective controller that makes the game better in multiplayer mode. Of course, it all comes down to preference in controllers. This is my controller of choice for Pokken Tournament and if you really enjoy the game you should invest the extra $25 for the controller. Just note that buying more than one of these is pointless as multiplayer is two-player only and requires one player to use the Gamepad. 4/5 stars.



Close up :classic arcade-style controller


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